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 2020 Vision convention, Perth 2020. Empowering people for professional success.

Learn. Connect. Inspire.

Learn. Connect. Inspire.

Learn. Connect. Inspire.Learn. Connect. Inspire.Learn. Connect. Inspire.

Providing an educational day for peers, colleagues and fellows to network and grow.

Join Us For one AMAZING DAy!

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 “Investing in yourself is the best investment you will ever make. It will not only improve your life, it will improve the lives of all those around you.” - Robin Sharma

Event Locations


Sydney 2020 Vision Convention

Join us in Sydney  on 14th August for 2020 Vision - Convention! 


Perth 2020 Vision Convention

 Join us in Perth on 12th October for 2020 Vision - Convention!  


Career Development Plans

Our Human Resources expert will give you insight into large company progression plans and what you need to do to meet criteria!

Mental Health In The Work Place

 On the advisory board to the prime minister, Psychologist, Stefani Caminiti will provide you tips on how to manage your mental health in stressful environments. 

Be the CEO of YOUR Life

 Engineer, World Champion Athlete and CEO of Miss CEO, Charlotte Moss will discuss how to take control of your life, ignore the naysayers  and make strategic moves! 

Senior Management

 The first female Head in NSW, Lidija Dumbaloska will provide insight on her journey and the corporate ladder. 

Public Speaking

 International Toastmaster Competitor, Sam will provide public speaking tips on how to give an aware winning presentation.  

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2020 Vision Convention

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